So a little about me. I’m married (37 years as of this writing), two grown sons, 2 beautiful grand daughters. A retired Army paramedic, some-time guitar player, and sometime gardener. I love to cook (grill and smoking meats are my favorites), and drink craft beer. Lots of craft beer.

I am usually way behind on anything trending. Don’t care to go to the movies (would rather watch them in the comfort of my own home), but do enjoy our local theaters.

I am a pacifist. I do not believe in guns (although that’s for me not you.) I am a “bleeding heart liberal”. Don’t go to church. And I read. A lot. Of very off the wall books. Not too many novels, I prefer science, theology and historical books.

That’s enough about me. I have to get back to the day job. Thanks for being here.



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