Because Someone Asked

Just because someone asked for a tune, I’ll post one.

But you must know that this blog is going away soon. I’m not going to renew the domain or my hosting plan. I just can’t justify the expense any longer. I really do appreciate all the comments and follows from everybody. But the drive is gone. Maybe one day I’ll return with something. You just never know.

I’ve chosen an artist that I’ve featured in a “What’s Stuck In My Head” post, and he could be listed on the “Guitar Gods” as well as my “Singer – Songwriters” lists. That isn’t all the surprising, there are many folks that fit all those categories in my head.

Today, it’s time for Graham Anthony Barnes to step into the spot light. Who? You might ask? You’d know him better as the front man of the blues and rock band Ten Years After, Alvin Lee. Ten Years After’s set at the Woodstock festival was simply amazing, with “I’m Going Home” becoming a big hit from the soundtrack album. It was their 1971 hit “I’d Love To Change The World” that opened my eyes to his guitar work. It was still several years before I knew his name though. Believe me, I never forgot that name.

I have always been a fan of slow blues, which is probably why I enjoy Eric Clapton’s work so much. He didn’t get the nickname of Slowhand for nothing. And while Alvin can shred a fret board like no one else, his phrasing during his solos is above compare. He does a bit of each in this track.

This song comes from the album Nineteen Ninety-Four released oddly enough in 1994. Here in the states it was titled I Hear You Rocking. I fail to understand why record companies have to change the song lists and titles when exporting albums across the pond. Just release the album as is world-wide. But, they didn’t ask my opinion.

So here’s Alvin Lee solo and The Bluest Blue. Enjoy!


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