Too Crazy Not To Share

So this came across my field of vision this morning and I just cannot keep it to myself. I’m nott going to say much about this except that it’s one of my favorite Hall & Oates songs, and Mr. Oates looks ever bit like a citizen on 16th century England. For the rest of the story, here’s what Ultimate Classic Rock said (that’s where I found this story). Be sure to read the whole story.

The duo had scored a radio hit with “She’s Gone,” the lead single from its sophomore LP, Abandoned Luncheonette. Music videos were rare in the pre-MTV world, but Hall & Oates were invited to perform the song on a “teenage dance show” shot in Atlantic City and aired on Philadelphia television. Only problem, it wouldn’t be a true performance.

“They wanted us to go on and lip-sync,” John Oates recently explained to Yahoo!, adding that the concept of faking their way through the song “didn’t compute.”

Instead, they came up with an alternative idea. “One night, sitting in our apartment that we were sharing in New York City, Daryl and I said, ‘Let’s just do something crazy,’” Oates recalled.

The artists quickly assembled a small team, including their tour manager, Hall’s girlfriend at the time and Oates’ sister, who was a film student at Temple University. They came up with a peculiar video concept, grabbed furniture from their apartment and headed out the door.

“So we brought our little team down to Philadelphia, and we showed up at the local television station,” Oates continued. “And they fully expected us to show up and pretend to sing our song. And we showed up with chairs and props and all this stuff.”

Upon their arrival, Hall & Oates were not well received by the studio staff. “They didn’t know what to make of us, and they thought that we were mocking them,” Oates admitted. “They got really pissed off.”

The amateurish nature of the video seemed to bristle the local TV professionals, who took their jobs very seriously. “Here’s this 20-year-old girl who’s a film student with a script that we had all written together,” Oates recalled of the strange scene. “She walks into the control room, and they’re like, ‘Oh, what is happening here?’ And she starts telling these guys what we’re doing.”

The result was a video that’s equal parts bizarre and hilarious. Hall & Oates remain stone-faced throughout the clip, only occasionally lip-syncing as the song plays. A mysterious woman moves across the screen, followed by the devil. Monopoly money gets strewn about. Hall is draped in a bathrobe. Oates starts the video wearing what appears to be a sleeveless tuxedo, but later slips on penguin flippers to play a guitar solo with flippers.

In hindsight, Oates described the piece as “performance art.” However, the TV crew was not amused.

Read More: Why Hall and Oates’ ‘She’s Gone’ Video Enraged a TV Station |

The fact that the video was never aired by the TV station only goes to show how conservative TV was in the early 70’s. But it’s available now!



P.S. My hands feel like I have those flippers or whatever he has on his hands when I’m trying to play a guitar solo!

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Play Magic Fingers!

So today I did something I seldom do.  I got my hair cut.  No don’t think I’m some long-haired hippy.  I’m not quite that old.  It’s just after a long and somewhat storied military career, I’m tired of haircuts and shaving.  So now it’s a haircut maybe every 6 months (sometimes a year or longer), and I shave only when needed.

I had received a coupon in the snail mail for a FREE (as in beer) haircut for a new place in town.  It’s a chain so I’m not going to name drop, but I will say I was impressed with the way they cleaned every piece of equipment down to the seats after each haircut.  And they enforced masks for everybody.  That made me feel safe.  And much safer than the other chain my wife went to where no one was wearing a mask.  I just walked away from that place.

My stylist was a young lady that had moved here from Canada and married a “surfer guy”.  I didn’t ask how long she had been in the states, but there was only a very slight accent that I heard, so I’m thinking she’s been here for at least several years.

I told her the story about my father and Grecian Formula 16 (that will be another post).  She had no idea what that was.  I wasn’t surprised as it’s been off the market for a long time now (oops, in looking for the link I see that it is still available from many reputable retailers).  What I did find funny was when I was taken back for my shampoo, the chair started to vibrate.  That reminded me of the old “magic fingers” machine that was attached to beds in finer motels when I was a kid.  You probably don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?

I remember asking my mom when we would stop at some mom-and-pop motel somewhere between Miami Florida and Florence South Carolina if they had the “vibrating bed machine”.   That was something very rarely advertised on billboards.  Mom would just smile and say she didn’t know.  That was because if we went into the room and I saw the “insert a quarter” on the side of the bed I wouldn’t shut up until she put the money in the slot.  Then was maybe 10 minutes of giggles while the bed would vibrate under me.  What fun!

I could use, David Crosby’s “Almost Cut My Hair”, The Cowsills “Hair”, or even anything from the musical “Hair” to go along with this post.  But nope (although “Almost Cut My Hair” is a favorite), I’m going with The Monkees.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it over and over, Michael Nesmith was the first entry on my Guitar Gods list.  And this song came out in 1966, which was about the time I was experiencing these “Magic Fingers”.

Yeah.. Michael knows where it’s at!



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Ginger And Nutmeg! – Week Four

This is the final week for Ginger and Nutmeg for 2020. Let’s see how they decided to end this very difficult year.

After Ginger getting Nutty’s leg messed up and Nutty getting revenge by having the Lego guys carry Ginger off to who knows where, it looks like they made up. Tea on Sunday!

Tea and cookies (or is it biscuits?). I would think that Santa would be a bit peeved if they came back mad at each other.

I guess they were (sugar) plum tucked out. They spent all of Monday napping in the dollhouse.

You would think that those lights would make it difficult to sleep.

Then, by Tuesday all they had the energy for was reading! Either these elves are getting lazy, or just bored!

Getting ready for the big night?

Wednesday find them counting presents. I do have to wonder why they were only counting presents for the girls and not the rest of the family. I guess we don’t rate!

I guess the rest of us are chopped liver!

It’s Christmas Eve! They have to go back tomorrow morning, but first they have a present for the girls. Again, where are the goodies for the rest of the family??? I think it’s time to complain to Santa!

There better be something under that tree for somebody else.

Well, they were supposed to go back in the morning before anybody was up. Not surprisingly, they didn’t. Instead they hung out in the tree waiting for the girls.

These elves don’t follow any of the rules!

And that’s a wrap for 2020. Ginger and Nutmeg have traversed the mycelium network back to the North Pole. They will hopefully return to us next December.


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P.S. If you search this blog for “Ginger” you can catch up on the elvin antics!